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"The King (of Pop) … and I"

compilation N° 3 (9 photos) the 3rd Installment of the "Who's Bad" Chronicles

CLICK on the photo below to view the slide show of Schatzie (on the left) and Michael Jackson (on the right)

Schatzie Frisch as Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson

Photography by Bart Nagel (
”I don’t know who Anne Bancroft is, but she looks like Michael Jackson” said the young girl to her mom. And to imagine that I actually overheard that conversation. Here's to you Mrs. Robinson, Anne Bancroft  (xo) and Mike Nichols (Academy award winning Director). The Graduate, released in 1967 (The Summer of Love in San Francisco) also featured Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross. One of the American Film Institute's top films of all times. Parts were filmed in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Schatzi Frisch as Michael Jackson in Soma Magazine Photo by Claudia Goetzelmann

Schatzie posing as Michael Jackson in SOMA Magazine 2014. Photography by Claudia Goetzelmann


Mrs. Robinson

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 classic film The Graduate, Mrs Robinson runs the 7.4 mile Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco without spilling her martini. photo credit: @uobroin

IMG_4346 - Version 2.jpg

I enjoy celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. I've had the honor of leading the candlelight procession thru Berkeley throwing a path of marigold petals behind me.
I do not enjoy celebrating Christmas. 

Bruno Frisch as Sean Connery as James Bond

Schatzie's Dad Bruno 


Tolerant of a wide variation of habitats. Just add water. #treepose

bday sno balls.jpg
Schatzie Pirate Poetry.jpg

Hostess Sno balls and Piratalogy

Boy Scouting. Wearing my brothers Uniform from 1975.

And that's my girl scout uniform circa 1970.


Rosie the Riveter. We Can Do It!

2016 and 1979 with my friend Marcia whose sweet mother Phyllis made me the poodle skirt...which I still have. 

black lederhosen.jpg

Wearing my moms black lederhosen from the 1950's, and doing the Limbo in a skirt she bought in Jamaica in the 1940's.

I made this Mother's Day card for my daughters.

Triple R Triathlon Age Group Winner: I’d like to thank all the unrelenting Coaches at The Ice Chamber, the fierce contenders, my technical-difficulty-free bike…but most of all I’d like to thank my Stylist, and the Taco Truck.

"Hire me Don Draper" (experimenting with Photoshop to mock a Polaroid print)

I really do love the chocolate flavored Gu (energy gel packs). I sent this piece to Gu Energy labs in Berkeley along with my resume. I never did hear back from them. 

orange mexican dress.jpg

I love the color ooh!range and my vintage polyester maxi. 

Two halves of the same side of my face. The right side of your face reflects the operation of your left brain and vise versa

Bloody Pirates! Can’t live with ‘em …can’t live without ‘em.

Frida Kahlo's father, Carl Wilhelm Kahlo was born in Southwest Germany quite close to where Schatzie's Dad Bruno is from. 

Be wary of almost- naughty-shadows when wearing lingerie in public. 


If Animals could vote, Trump would have lost. He is a threat to animals everywhere. My claws are out!

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