Schatzie the Renegade Deli Heiress

Lounge Lizards Slither

From Beneath Melting *Snoballs

To Dance in the Sun


Welcome to my Tropical Snoball Lounge, which came to be as me Mum created my birthday cake using pink Hostess Snoballs when I was a young girl. I've continued to be fascinated by the Snoball and it's varied uses, besides being almost edible. My Lounge is also and ode to my Father, Bruno and his hometown in Germany which is encrusted in frozen Snowballs in the winter and me Mums hometown, Galina, Jamaica where there are no Snowballs to be found... 

Schatzie's Tropical Snoball Lounge - Cavities TO GO! Come visit and play music.

Schatzie's Tropical Snoball Lounge.jpg
Snoball Haiku
Snoball birthday throughout the ages
Snoballs fresh (well not exactly) off the tree!
mailing flattened balls
Snoball kabobs
Snoball Noir