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Fire burns beneath me

Simmering is no option

Rapid boil 'til done

xo Schatzie

Please contact Schatzie if you are in need of:
*Headcheese art, Poetry, Pumpkin carving, *Snoball (*Hostess) content, Haiku, One-of-a-kind Greeting cards, Lindy Hopping/Swing Dancing, Gothic hand lettering, Logo design, Donut related photography and prose, Dental ImPlants, Art Directing, Word Pimping, Lounge Singing, Pirating, Photo shoot Prop/Wardrobe Styling and Staging, a Michael Jackson doppelgänger, an Anne Bancroft doppelgänger, a fashion model, a Ukulele player, a long distance nightime runner, a friend, an enemy or ... anything bordering on the absurd.
*Headcheese ˈhed.tʃiːz: A cold cut that originated in Europe. Headcheese is not a dairy cheese. There is no cheese involved.



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